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Opening her eyes at first, everything was bright and blurry. Though blinking a few times helped clear her vision. The young girl sat up and looked around. It looked different. The lab she remembered being in was abandoned. In fact, it seemed as though she was moved to instead a hospital. Instead of laying in the container as last time, she was on a bed. Looking around, the lights were just lamps with a small flame in it or lit up candles. So, this was the future? 100 years? It didn’t feel like it though.  

   The girl examined the room with her opal-like colored eyes. Seeing as there was nothing interesting there, she got up from her bed. Her muscles didn’t feel as numb as she thought either. Maybe a little sore though. She stretched her muscles then continued towards the door, opened it, took a last glance at the room, before leaving and closing the door behind her. Before she felt as if she should leave, she checked a few other rooms, if any one was there, or if there was any answers as to why she was there. But there was nothing. With that, she sighed slightly to herself and left the hospital.

Walking along a path in a small isolated village, everything was peaceful. The young girl was alone, she could hear some birds chirping, from the distance she could see a lake, and she could hear things breaking. CRASH! Jumping slightly at the sound with eyes wide open towards where the sound came from, the young girl wasn’t sure if she should try to make a run for it or try to see what it was because it might give her answers. Because of her lost of thoughts, she just stood there, frozen. Then finally, the thing came into view. A cat. A two headed cat with two tails. Half of the cat was cream with a hazel face, paws, and under tail, along with darker hazel stripes on it’s forehead, with a stripe that leads to its nose under both eyes, and upper tail; while the other half was a darker cream with a light brown face and paws, along with darker brown ears and a striped tail, mixture of both light and dark brown. The two both had blue eyes, the lighter one with darker eyes than the darker one. Strange. Yet interesting.

“What are you looking at!” The darker one yelled, giving the other a slightly frightened face.

The young girl stared at them terrified now.

“Calm down, you’re scaring her,” The lighter one spoke softly.

They looked at each other as if speaking telepathically before looking at the girl again.

“Look, we’re sorry,” The lighter one spoke while the darker one glared, “I’m Error, and this is my brother, Trial.”

Trial, the darker one looked away and seemed to mutter something under his breath.

The young girl kept silent.

“Hm? And what’s your name?”

She wanted to scream, talking animals weren’t really her thing. She thought they would be at first, but then actually hearing this thing speak, it scared her. A lot. She didn’t know what to do, but then, she made up her mind. Run.

   The young girl ran as fast as she could to get away and after running for a few minutes she looked over her shoulder to see if they were following. They weren’t, so she slowed down to a brisk walk for a few more seconds until she stopped by a tree and leaned against it. In front of her now was a graveyard, but there was someone in it. That must be normal, right? She walked closer and saw another girl, like her, they looked about the same age and both had blonde hair, except this new girl only had blue eyes, not a mixture of blue and some other colors. As the first young girl got closer, she noticed this new one was holding something, she leaned over and stepped to the side to see was it was. Maybe it was flowers, maybe she was here longer with someone and that person died. No. Not flowers. And if it was a person that died, she must either really be attached to that person or must have such hatred in them to take their skull. Starting to breath faster, the first girl let out a silent eternal scream and ran away as fast as she could, tears lurking in her eyes. If this was 100 years in the future, it was messed up, and she would rather die. Or maybe not, because of that scary girl she just saw holding someone’s skull.

   Finally stopping in a forest, the young girl hid behind a tree and let herself slide down it. Trying to catch her breath. But then she heard a type growling. Maybe it was just her stomach, since she hasn’t eaten in 100 years. Yet, she didn’t feel hungry. Looking up she saw a tiger? Looking right at her. Her eyes widened and she froze, staring at it. It was a black ‘tiger’ with teal hair at the top of its head, along with teal stripes coming from its eyes, down its cheeks, two markings that looked like arrows were just below its chin, pointed down, flower-like markings on his back, two rings on its front legs, with three rings on it’s back legs, and a ringed tail, along with eyes that looked as if it was blind. Maybe she could get past it since it couldn’t see. The young girl slowly slid up and took a run for it, out of the forest. She got to a different isolated village, except this one seemed more like a town with other places than just homes. The young girl slowed down and looked around at the abandoned town, seeing a fountain in the middle that barely worked, and many of the buildings looked like they were destroyed from natural disasters.

As she walked along, something grabbed her from behind and pulled her inside somewhere. Having a hand over her mouth, she was unable to speak, and squirmed until the voice spoke, “Stop squirming, damnit! I’m trying to help you!”

She stopped squirming and looked up at the thing, it was another person. Another girl. Also around her age, except with brown hair and green eyes.

“Can I trust you?” The brown haired girl asked.

The blonde one nodded slightly in the position she was in, so then the brown haired one let her go.

“So what’s your name?” The brown haired asked.

The blonde shrugged, “I don’t usually go by a name.”

The brown haired stared at her for a few seconds before speaking again, “Well I’m Kurin. I see you already know Trial and Error, Amelia, and Lucid.”


“Trial and Error is the two headed cat, Amelia is the other girl that kinda looks like you, and lucid is the large cat. Didn’t you get their names?”

“They scared the living hell out of me.”

Kurim took a deep breath and face palmed, “I swear, you’re never going to survive this if you don’t know anything.”

The blonde stared at her confused then saw the others come in one by one, “So you know all of them?”

Kurin glanced back at her, “Yeah, we know each other and ever since we got here, we’ve been trying to escape.”

“Escape? I thought we were suppose to be 100 years in the future as the advertisement said.”

“Yeah, well, people trick others into things because everyone is a little shit. So lets finish up introducing ourselves and we’ll quickly be able to leave this place once and for all.”

Trial and Error walked up, the unnamed girl stared at them, still slightly freaked out from them, and the lighter one spoke, “You already know which one is which, I, Error am the optimistic one of the two, while Trial is the opposite.”

“How do you guys live together?”

“It can be confusing, but I think we live through it just fine”

Trial muttered something under his breath that wasn’t heard by the others.

The other blonde girl walked forward, “Hi! I’m Amelia!” She smiled and held her hands behind her back and tilted her head slightly to one side.

The unnamed young girl stared at her, still slightly frightened of her.

Then the ‘tiger’ came up, and the unnamed felt the need to flinch slightly, it nodded, probably getting this a lot, “I’m Lucid,” it said. By its voice, it must be a girl, “I know you think I can’t see, but I can actually see more than anyone else can.”

The unnamed girl was shocked. How did she know? Did she get these reactions a lot? But how does she know more than everyone else?

As if Lucid was reading her mind, she continued speaking, “I have a special ability not many others have. I can enter lucid dreams, but not because of my name, it just so happens to appear like that.”

The unnamed girl stared at Lucid, still a tiny bit startled by her. Yet possibly now, for a different reason.
So she can enter lucid dreams? But it also seems as if she could read thoughts too? Or maybe she’s just really good at guessing? Is there something she’s not telling? Well, all in all, with all the mysterious characters the unnamed girl met, and with all the info she received, this could be a trap. But from which side? Could it be from the lab? Or could it be from the characters that are standing in front of her? Who should she trust? Who could she trust? Or will she end up walking the road alone again as she did her entire life before this?
A bit longer than the last chapter, dun worry, not all the chapters will be longer than the ones before o.o
I hope you liked this one

Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3: Here~
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7: 100 Years in The 'Future' (Chapter 7)
Chapter 8:…
Chapter 9: Coming soon!

Trial&Error :iconnicey1015:
Amelia :iconpastyllia:
Lucid :iconsquid98:
Kurin ~Emma
story and main character :iconamberdelf:
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